The Chevrolet Tahoe has Abundant Safety Features

August 3rd, 2020 by

The Chevrolet Tahoe remains popular with families and organizations that prefer the interior space that a full-size SUV provides. The vehicles also come equipped with the latest features, which include safety technology.

Forward collision alert continually monitors the region in front of the Tahoe. Should the SUV come too close to another vehicle, pedestrian, cyclist or other obstacle, the driver receives a warning to make a correction. The feature also comes in handy when parking.

New Chevy Tahoe

Automatic emergency braking combines efforts with forward collision sensors. Should the system detect potential danger and the driver does not immediately respond to the warning, the brakes automatically engage to prevent a potential accident. The latest Tahoe models have many more safety and convenience features. Visit our Villa Park, IL Castle Chevrolet location. Learn more about the Chevrolet Tahoe. Find a vehicle that suits your individual needs. Ask about taking the SUV for a test drive.

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