The Chevrolet Volt — Where you get the best of both worlds

March 13th, 2014 by

If you are looking for the perfect hybrid vehicle, the Chevy Volt should be your next purchase. One of the only vehicles on the market that truly offers you the best of both worlds. You have electric capability, so depending on the distance of your drive, it is possible to never have to fill up. You also have the ability to fill up with gasoline, which is perfect for the longer road trips. Both options being extremely desirable, it offers you features that you simply would not find on a traditional all electric vehicle, or an all fuel-based vehicle.

Chevy VoltWhen it comes to driving an electric vehicle, there are some problems that other electric vehicles have the Chevy Volt is able to bypass. All electric vehicles run into problems because the total drive capability is not very far. Many of these vehicles may have a total range of only 80 miles on average. While this is fine for someone who is only driving inside the city, or just to and from work. However it does not work for someone who gets stuck in traffic regularly, needs to run errands, or wants to drive long distances (locations further than an hour away).

For someone who owns an all electric vehicle, they have to either rent out a different vehicle, or own two vehicles, in order to make up the difference. The Chevrolet Volt does not have this problem. The Chevy Volt allows you to drive the vehicle for short distances on its 38 mile battery. You could be 20 miles from work every day, and never have to use gasoline. Suddenly you do have to drive further than 38 miles? No worries, the gasoline aspect of the vehicle kicks in, which in turn allows you to drive anywhere, regardless of where it may be!

ChargerDriving inside of the city is what drains the most fuel for fuel-based vehicles. The constant stopping and starting for these vehicles reduces the fuel-efficiency, resulting in requiring you to fill up regularly. Chicago has some of the highest gas prices in the country. For an unleaded vehicle — even if you only have to drive a few miles to work every day, you are going to end up paying to fill up your tank at least once a week.
Fortunately, you can reduce, and even eliminate that gas bill with the Chevy Volt. With the electric vehicle, city driving actually charges up the battery and allows it to drive further. The breaking helps create energy, which in turn is sent back into the battery. City drive is far better for electric vehicles as the MPG increases. In fact, with the volt electricity included, it is possible for the vehicle to receive up to around 98 MPG. This sort of improvement on performance is enough for anyone who wants to save money while they drive, and ultimately in the long run.

The Chevy Volt provides you with a combination of both fuel and electricity, essentially giving you the best of both worlds. You no longer have to fill up throughout the week due to short drives to work and Chicagoland traffic, nor do you have to stay close to home, because the fuel option capability always has your back. As does Castle Chevrolet. Come down to our showroom today to test drive the Volt. Electric when you want it, gas when you need it!

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